Thursday, 3 January 2013

10 things you should know about me...

After reading Kym's blog post over at Travel Babbles, I decided to share some facts about myself.

Even though I blog anonymously, I still like to try and share as much of myself and my life that I can with you all. So, with that in mind here is a list of 10 facts about me:

1: I am somewhat OCD and have routines for putting my make up on to eating certain food items.
2: I often dance in the kitchen when waiting for the kettle to boil.
3: Whiskey makes me insane...but I drink it anyway- thank you NYC!
4: I like to be alone but know that others are close if I want them.
5: I am scared of crumpets and the underside of mushrooms. 
6: I use Google to find out how to spell words.
7: I use ! after every sentence in texts. 
8: If I hear a noise in the night, I don't open my eyes in case I see a ghost.
9: I am easily addicted to things but lose interest extremely fast due to my short concentration span.
10: I have conversations with myself and pretend conversations with others in my head. A lot. 

Be you ... always.

There are many more but I thought I'd try share the least crazy things about me for now as not to scare away any new readers. But it's a little bit of me to help you understand me more.

What fact would share with me?


Lisa said...

i can so agree with you on some of these. I say one thing about me is i have to drink a glass or two of water before bed. Not really sure why its just a habit now.


Summer-Claire said...

I have obsessive routines too, my morning routine in particular is drilled to perfection. I can't handle staying at my boyfriend's house on weeknights for that exact reason!

Missy said...

@ Lisa - That is a good habit! I need to start trying to drink more water just in general so I admire you being able to do that!
@ Summer - I hate being away from home too. I like to do my own thing but in the specific order haha!Glad I'm not the only one!

Emma Meek said...

Oh gosh! I am the same with '!' - I think I use them too much to be fair!! :D

Missy said...

@ Emma - At least we know our downfalls and accept them haha!!

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